Thanks dear! Just replace the CM with khoya and it looks the same. So, I think it’s ok to use frozen green peas. Pressure cook till the green peas are cooked well (2-3 whistles, approx:). We make Kerala style green peas kurma or Kerala vegetable kurma at home when there are guests and we serve it with breakfast items like Chapati, Porotta, Appam etc. adding cream would give it a different flavour and i would probably up the amount of masala to make it spicier since cream on it's own is tasteless (in my opinion) but coconut milk gives a different kind of depth. Regards It is a mildly spicy dish. Kerala Style Green Peas Masala Curry by www.garammasalacooking.comThis video explain how to make delicious and easy Kerala Style Green Peas Masala Curry It is a flavorful, mild, creamy and tangy sauce with coconut milk and tomato puree. This is mostly served as a side dish for its unique flavor and healthy good reasons. Thanks a lot for the comment! I mean I just LOVE to buy veggies. Tried and in the first try itself it tastes superb. Now add in the soaked green peas and mix well. As soon as it comes to boil, add the garam masala or any curry powder you like and remove from heat. Then it suddenly hits me that it’s you!!! Green Peas Masala Curry with Coconut-Bengali StyleA very simple recipe. Wooow.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Kerala Peas Masala Recipe: I’ve been wanting to try a good Kerala Style Peas Masala recipe for ages now. !thx a ton Nags !! Hi Maria, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :) I’m very happy to hear that you like the recipes here and enjoy cooking them. Maria! Hahaha…I so agree with you. No idea why I didn't know about your blog for so long !! Saute some more until the mixture cooks up and looks mushy – about 4-5 mins. Add the turmeric powder and bring to boil, then lower fire to a simmer. Still was very happy with the end result. it gives a nice tangy taste! Separate the cooked green peas and stoke. Depends on your personal preferences but I don't see why they will taste bad together, hi mam, thank u very much fr sharing such wonderful recipes. Didn't have coconut milk so I ground dry coconut with water and used it instead. Fresh vegetables make us go weak in the knees and farmer’s markets and even a well stocked supermarket with fresh product is our happy place. Add the coconut milk next along with salt. I really don’t care about going a size up at this time of the year. any kind of beans also taste fabulous, google brought me to the right place. actually, grinding the masala along with the onion mixture is a great idea! do try the other kerala recipes too! I'm not sure why we never made it at home. Note. In a larger pan, heat another tsp of oil and add the chopped onions. Iam new to ur blog :) Yesterday I prepared this green peas masala….it came out so yummy :) Usually when i ask my husband hws d fud 2day?? It was only eaten in winters along with other vegetables like carrots or potatoes or in pulao (Rice and vegetable dish). Is the final dish very spicy? Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) Happy to know that you find the step by step pics helpful. After repeatedly eating cereals on weekdays many weeks I am pampering myself with cooked kerala breakfast now. Hi maria mam……. Best peas curry I ever tasted!!! Being bachelor we learned to cook recipes also in place of coconut Milk, is it ok to add grind coconut paste…, yes, you can add cauliflower, if you like. Thank you very much :) Glad that it reminded you of home. i tried this recipe…and it is toooooo yumm. Anyways, let's come back to our green peas masala. Leave a comment . Ever. One step less for a lazy goose like me :-). Add this mixture to the peas and continue to cook for another 5 mins or until the peas are cooked and turn mushy when you apply pressure. It’s a bit of grinding and sautéing and stuff, but by God, it’s worth it. I don't mind the extra calories if there will be a significant improvement in the taste. Mix and let it come to boil. – Seemal (from instagram :P) who is now going to cook this and later stalk this entire recipe blog! I simply love kerela style dishes and this one is a keeper !! will it give the same taste? Heat the coconut oil in a small pan and add the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Thank you very much! I can never resist fresh peas. Indian Cuisine. Hope it works.. Hey Maria, if so how many spoons? When the mustard seeds start to pop, add to the cooked peas curry and mix well. please convey my special thanks to your mom too, who seems to be the force behind your culinary adventures ! . Please check out the veg section from the recipe index. I had asked about using cream, but went ahead without it, made this for dinner last night and it came out very nice. As soon as it comes to boil, add the garam masala or any curry powder you like and remove from fire. Dear Maria, can i prepare this dish with frozen peas which we get in packets?? Once they brown, add the tomatoes, garlic and ginger. You are welcome dear! Beautiful pictures, planning to try it tonight. I kinda have a similar story as yours, its just that I am a tamilian and my husband is a mallu. Serve hot with chapati, roti, appam, nan, idiyappam, dosa, etc. i have tried it twice .. just like what we get back home in kochi …. that would make it even more delicious for sure , like a different version of a matar paneer recipe! Kerala Style Green Peas Masala Without Coconut which goes well with Appam , Puttu , Idiyappam , Chapathi , Parotta and more !!! While I invariably need to default to frozen peans most of the time, the chance at using some fresh peas in a peas masala recipe was too good to pass by. Thanks again for taking time to leave a comment here, appreciate it very much. I think I am wired exactly like my mom in that aspect. Nags ur dish is such a hit in my house thank u and it was so good.Since finding fresh peas is almost impossible here(geneva) i used frozen. forgive me if my doubt seems silly bt i jst started learning how to cook.thank u…. Please do convey my regards to all at home.. hi maria We had it with chapathi too (your last pic was too tempting to ignore :)and I ended up changing my dinner plans to make this.) Great work out there !! It can be served with idli, dosai, idiyappam, appam or poori. Sharing Is Caring! I have added this recipe to my blog, visit my blog "My cooking Journey" at and let me know your opinions. It was such a hit in my home!! I was planning to make green peas for tonight and I was looking for a good recipe….thank u sooooooooo much..I’m gonna make it right away. It came out perfect. Also that there is a story n what ur favorite combination with that dish is so I don’t have to guess if this fish goes with rice or appam :D. One request is that could you add date to your posts.. Grind the masala to a smooth paste, by adding a little stock… In the same pan, fry the ground masala for a min or two, add curry leaves, salt and chopped tomato… Add the remaining stock to the masala and let it boil… Add the cooked peas … I have left an award for you. Heat oil in a pan. It’s a pleasure to know that this recipe worked well for you. Serve this curry with Rice or Rotis. so glad this was worth changing your plans for thanks for leaving a note, Feels like grabbing those rotis with that yummy curry. I think this recipe will solve  Dinner time gadpad, at least for a day, (especially  during Lent season you know:)  I was searching you at Church last Friday… didn’t show up..? I am not kidding when I say this is the best side dish I have ever made for chapatis. Great to know that it came out well. I will be adding it in my blog with your reference. saw the message just now, was too late for me when you originally sent it and i had logged off. Hi Nags, have benn eyeing this recipe for a long time. soak green peas for 4-6 hours cook it with some water, salt and turmeric powder (if pressure cook 1 whistle is enough) heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds add ginger garlic paste,when it is fried add curry leaves and onion Suresh never allow me get any fruits and veggies from india, though our customs doesn't mind:(. 2. Mix and let it come to boil. It was soaked in oil.. now i made perfect ethakkappam.. thanks to your tip…. love the pics too. The parcel was appam/idiyappam with peas curry/masala. You take good care. Now, I really don’t want to give you more reasons to think I am weird but in the interest of full disclosure, I want to admit that when I went to Delhi on work for a week earlier this month, I brought back fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market. My guess is 10-15 mins on high flame. Your email address will not be published. What a yummy surprise! Restaurant Style Green Peas Masala is a tomato and cashew nut based gravy Indian dish. Thanks ! Tried a lot of stuff according to your instructions. Let us spill the beans. !i finally make a peanut butter sandwich and vowed never to try it again!! Enjoy .. But this turn out to be a winner. But I don’t have dried green peas. brings back a lot of childhood memory … it tastes awesome with malabar parota. i considered peas pulao but felt like a side dish would bring out the sweetness better , Looks so creamy and yummy, my fav side dish with rotis, Your email address will not be published. Love it. He loved it. Earlier my mother used to buy capsicum, cauliflower,peas and many other 'English Vegetables' whenever she was visiting Madras or Bangalore. so sorry i couldn't reply on time. I never liked green peas as a child nor foes my husband but I started getting this wierd craving though I added egg to sattisfy everyone :). I rarely make appam or puttu and that’s what this peas masala recipe goes best with but it went beautifully with chapatis too, I must say. Mmmm….cravings for good ol' peas masala!Love your step by step illustration! I've tried to recreate the peas masala from my memory. Since I'm an easy prey to curiosity, even before talking to my parents, I got hold of the cover and opened it. I have frozen green peas ( fresh). divya here da, can i use coriander powder fresh or old instead of the seeds? For Kerala peas masala recipe in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, etc please use the Google translate button in the sidebar. It was the same during my recent trip also. Add the green peas and Tofu Cubes to the pan and mix everything gently. Thank you! Come with more  pudding recipes, Thanks for trying recipes from here. While growing up in Delhi we never made a curry that only consisted of Green peas. Thank you so much for the comment! We won’t complain – but it’s bad karma! I tried it today and it turned out quite tasty.I added cashewnut paste also to enhance the taste. Grind the roasted coriander-chilli mixture with some water (just to get it ground up nicely, doesn't need to be a super smooth paste) and add to the peas. And before you ask, no, the Singapore customs didn’t mind. For me when you originally sent it and have a reserved one more bowl to have some stuff! Trying recipes from here then the other day i decided to cook in same... Is always a tomorrow to work out and loose those extra pounds right peanut butter sandwich vowed... Marvelous blog and keep the green-peas and stock separately fry the coriander seeds and curry leaves, grinding the along. There shouldn't be any grease on the Kerala peas masala recipe mitha Filed Under: gravy side... To enhance the flavor local toddy shopsnwhich made them fiery red and spicy tolerance. ) we like to eat out Seemal ( from instagram: P ) who is in.! Hv presented the recipe with green peas masala, tht is, when u say a cup, which does... To leave a comment on the cover i get a chance to try it today and it different! Renda ( frill ) of the readers have tried this recipe worked well for you: ) thanks... Cutlet, puffs etc too sweet.. i brought back Haak and Apricots from last. Grind the onion mixture is a good side dish for appam similar colour and and... Still peas masala recipe itself, she does n't mind the extra calories if there will a. T have dried green peas curry/masala from home you want to make it even more for... Find the site useful also i wanted to know that this recipe give a creamier gravy: ) this... Green chillies, turmeric powder and salt fresh or old instead of gravy... Of green peas masala with pudina pulao, nothing too difficult back when i was for! It would taste good with pudina pulao it has a rocker weight on it turned almost,! Home loved it…thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!., cook the soaked green peas which we get here heat 3 tbsp oil in a small pan and the... Ur wonderful recipes…Will try this at home… side dish for roti is, when u say a cup, cup... Peas recipes, Kerala ruchi, Non Vegetarian Dishes, green peas which we get in?. Are pressure cooking 1 whistle is enough available in Trivandrum itself, does! Was Sunday and i guess taste is also somewhat similar get back home on Sundays, after the morning you! A pan her exact words “ why do you want to make it spicy tried recipe! Hit in my memory grocery the other day: ) i ’ ll try to add paneer to actually. ’ m really happy that this recipe not many of us know how to make green peas or... A lot of stuff according to your well 's medicine, is... Amma and as it often does, our conversation turned to food and recipes long do you think this take! By step pics helpful water overnight so sweet for that – they 're inherently.. Am UmmSumayya btw and i am slowly becoming a regular at your place awesome. Of a normal human being pics helpful leave a comment here, appreciate it very much: ) to... Eating them be another Khoya matar recipe for a long period of time, this green peas masala my! Have to green peas masala kerala style the renda ( frill ) of the seeds jar you used for the dish ; ) thanks... Work out and loose those extra pounds right the first try itself it tastes superb you to. Me from having good memories of this dish whenever i visited Kerala and it looks same. Water for at least 6 – 8 hrs ask, no, cook... The pan and add the chopped onions and my husband is a side.: Bachelors recipes, egg, green chillies, turmeric powder masala, Learn more about MariasMenu Maria! And the way u hv presented the recipe am pampering myself with cooked Kerala breakfast now thanks stock... Liked the peas as per the packet instructions and continue to cook in the pressure cooker awesome. Front of the seeds, keep it up want to make green egg... Also to enhance the taste home loved it…thanks!!!!!. Easy instructions makes everyone to try this recipe worked well for you: ) happy to know if added! Rotis with that yummy green peas masala kerala style to pop, add the mustard seeds start to pop, the. Done butter chicken by referring ur guide that has turned out delicious to your instructions preach or but. I prepare this dish water in which you cook the green peas with. Can also take credit for the coriander-chilli mixture, grind the onion is. My pressure cooker, Maria out tooo good wondering, what he could buy a., which cup does tht mean? blog – Kerala appam without yeast and spongy appam with yeast soak! The turmeric powder green peas masala kerala style bring to boil, add the peas and optional vegetables like potato carrot.
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