The curriculum emphasizes basic science, medical laboratory science, critical thinking and communication skills, including structured learning in clinical affiliated laboratories. accelerated medical laboratory science programs It may be reassuring to know that trained medical laboratory technologists, often called clinical laboratory scientists (CLS) or medical laboratory scientists (MLS), are behind some of the more complex procedures being carried out on patient specimens in a laboratory. Tuition: $167-$395 per credit hour. * Organic Chemistry II/L             Debating Global Issues             Students pursing a Medical Laboratory Technology degree at Rasmussen College are given a customized, flexible program that includes career path guidance. Accreditations: AACSB, ABET, ACEJMC, ACEN, ACEND, APA, CAPTE, CSWE, HLC, LCME, NAACLS, NASM, NCATE Tuition: $598-$1,452 per credit hour. Rasmussen College * Anatomy and Physiology II/L, Statistics                 Madisonville Community College SUNY Broome Community College Our MLS program is ranked as one of the top online Medical Laboratory Science programs in the region. Accredited Online Medical Laboratory Science Programs. By using this Web site, you accept these terms of use. Choosing the right program for any individual person involves weighing many options and considerations, but NAACLS accreditation can provide a basic assurance that the school and its degree program are teaching to current standards, that it can prepare graduates for board certification exams, and that graduates enter the workforce with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and ethical standards that today’s employers will be looking for. is a consumer group that publishes online college rankings and online university ratings along the dimensions that matter most to online students themselves: affordability and credibility. Tuition: $340-$451 per credit hour. Accreditations: AACSB, ABET, ACOTE, CACREP, CAPTE, CCNE, CSWE, NAACLS, NCATE, SACSCOC Our degree program is fully accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS) Tuition: $560 per credit hour. ASCP Board of Certification Pass Rates for students graduating in 2017-2019 taking the exam within a year of graduation = 52/53 = 98% (NAACLS benchmark is 75%) Florida State College at Jacksonville provides accessible and enriching educational opportunities in an academic environment, based on values of integrity, trust, creativity, and excellence. Accreditations: CAAHEP, CODA, HLC, JRCERT, NAACLS, NATEF Related Resources Following is a list of accredited online programs that enable aspiring medical lab scientists to prepare for this high-growth career field. Chemistry - Instructional methods/Analysis Accreditations: AACSB, ABA, ABET, ACCE, ACEJMC, ACEND, ACOTE, ADA, APA, CAHME, CCNE, CEPH, CIDA, CSWE, HLC, LCME, NAACLS, NASD, NASM, NAST, NCATE Tuition: $660-$750 per credit hour. For medical laboratory technicians seeking to advance their careers to the next level, there are various degree and certificate programs that can help propel them to higher tiers of clinical lab work and analysis, resulting in greater responsibilities, higher income, and more opportunities to make a positive impact on patients’ lives and the health care needs of their community. Tuition: $425-$1,748 per credit hour. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences Their mission is to elevate their community through scholarship, research, and service, providing education to a diverse student base and reaching out to underserved groups. Global Diversity, Intro to Health Care                     For further details, see the accreditation information for Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology The two-year program requires students to complete twenty hours of clinical work in an affiliate hospital lab. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology In Histologic Technology degree is designed to train entry level clinical laboratory professionals who are competent and confident in their skills. Old Dominion University, a doctoral research university, offers over one hundred online programs for students in need of distance learning options. in Medical Laboratory Science faster than the traditional on-campus program. Tuition: $161-$200 per credit hour. Pathways Seminar             * Biology I/Laboratory Part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, this school was ranked among the top ten percent of community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute. Tuition: $477-$1,644 per credit hour. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology For more information see the following: Combined BS/MS Cytotechnology & Cell Sciences Curriculum, Combined BS/MS Medical Laboratory Science Curriculum, Office of Admissions The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) accelerated program prepares its graduates for employment in hospital or medical laboratories. Accreditations: ACBSP, ACEN, ACEND, AOA, CSWE, HLC, NCATE, NAACLS, NASM The highly competitive AMP track is an accelerated post-baccalaureate pre-medical program in which students take select pre-clinical medical school courses alongside our first-year School of Medicine students and are able to complete the degree requirements within one year. Their Medical Laboratory Science program is the oldest such program in the United States, and most of their graduates go on to careers in hospitals or clinical laboratories. Selecting the degree or certificate program for medical laboratory sciences that best fits your academic and professional needs is a process that takes a lot of research and consideration. *Microbiology, Hallmarks Capstone Folio One of the Best Medical Laboratory Science Degree Programs in the Nation. Seward County Community College, ranked in the top five percent of community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute, offers over forty-five different, two-year degree programs. This university’s College of Health Professions seeks to provide high quality educational opportunities and skilled professionals that can serve the healthcare needs of their communities. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS) Degrees: Certificate in Histotechnology The M.S. Winston-Salem State University Philadelphia, PA 19144, Phone: (215) 951-2800 If so, the Accelerated Medical Laboratory Science Program is for you! This program is designed to be flexible and convenient for working professionals, and graduates of the program report high board examination passing rates, allowing them to progress to more advanced career levels in the field of clinical laboratory science. The University of Texas Medical Branch Each has a different range of courses and credits. Both the second degree and certificate options are accredited 12-month programs for students who have completed a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university and who now wish to obtain a second bachelor’s degree in clinical lab science or acquire additional training to work in the field of medical laboratory science. For aspiring medical laboratory technicians, they have a five-semester hybrid program, designed to prepare students to pass board certification. This university offers an online Career Ladder program, to help its graduates advance academically and professionally. The sponsoring institution, UC San Diego Health was approved by the CDPH-LFS as a training program for Clinical Laboratory Scientists in 2004. The 16-month program consists of online medical laboratory science courses, on campus laboratory courses for hands-on skills and … The accrediting body for educational programs involving clinical or medical laboratory sciences and histology is the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Applicants to the program must have completed a minimum of 90 credits or have already graduated with a bachelor's degree. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science/ Laboratory Medicine (MLT to MLS), Master of Science in Clinical Molecular Genetics Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS) Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science (MLT to CLS) Their associate’s degree for medical laboratory technicians covers all the major areas of clinical laboratory work, preparing students for careers in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and anywhere else skilled technicians are needed. The University of North Dakota’s Medical Laboratory Science degree program claims to be one of the largest, most far-reaching, and most innovative in the country. The medical laboratory science program at Gannon offers an accelerated three-and-one curriculum. Degrees: Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS) Offering professional, technical, and liberal arts degrees at all levels, Colorado Mesa University is focused on providing the opportunities and academic excellence that will help students succeed in their educational and career goals. In our stimulating and supportive environment, you will build a strong foundation in sciences and humanities, preparing you for success in upper-division courses for the BS in Medical Laboratory Science at … Accreditations: ACGME, ACOTE, ARC-PA, CAAHEP, CAHIIM, CAPTE, CCNE, CODA, LCME, NAACLS, SACSCOC Marshall University Accreditations: ABET, ACS, CAHME, CAPTE, CCNE, CEPH, CoARC, JRCERT, JRNMT, NAACLS, NASM, NCATE, SACSCOC CLS Forms. Basic Sciences Building - Room C24 (914) 594-4999. This program is the largest contributor of minority graduates to the clinical laboratory workforce in the state of North Carolina, and over ninety percent of students find jobs in the field within six months of graduation. * Biology I/Laboratory The clinical practicum can be completed at facilities in the student’s own community, and graduates of the program will have the knowledge and preparation to take the board certification exams for their MLS credentials. Accelerated Health Sciences BS/Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology MS. Upon completion of the curriculum, students are eligible to take the national certification examinations for a CLS/MT generalist. Debating US Issues     Writing Seminar II     to M.S. Accreditations: CAPTE, HLC, NAACLS Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (MLT to MT) Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology, Accelerated Health Sciences BS/Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology MS. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology The views or opinions expressed in the resources provided do not necessarily reflect those of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Thomas Jefferson University or their staffs. They offer a variety of degree and certificate programs in nursing and health sciences. With a history of over ninety years of providing education in health care fields, Allen College is dedicated to preparing health care practitioners for a lifetime of ongoing learning, academic excellence, and outstanding, service-minded professionalism. Arapahoe Community College has been helping students achieve their educational goals for over forty-five years. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, a strong network of affiliate hospitals, and high graduate placement rates, Stony Brook University is well-positioned to provide students in lab tech jobs with a state-of-the-art education to further their careers. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS), Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, Certificate in Histotechnology Tuition: $345-$888 per credit hour. East Falls Campus Over the last three years, one hundred percent of the program’s graduates reported employment in the field and satisfaction with the program. Applicants pursing the accelerated B.S. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Departments & Programs They have over seventy clinical affiliates, including the Mayo Clinic and many other universities, and much of the coursework for their undergraduate and graduate degree programs can be completed online. Must have at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale. On-site | East Falls Campus for first 3 years, Center City Campus for final 2 years. The Advanced Certificate (AC) in Medical Lab Technology is a 15 credit, accelerated educational pathway to a career in the clinical laboratory, and is consistent with the licensure guidelines of the NYS Department of Education. Accreditations: ACEN, ACOTE, CAAEP, CCNE, CoARC, COA, CODA, NAACLS, NAEYC, NEASC Offering over one hundred degree and certificate programs, they strive to meet the continuing education needs of professionals, seniors, and other lifelong learners. In partnership with over forty hospitals, these programs are flexible, rigorous, and designed to help students develop practical skills. One of the fastest-growing universities in the state of Tennessee, Austin Peay State University was named after a former governor. They have a dynamic Clinical Laboratory Science program that features interactive discussions, laboratories, and clinical training sessions that take advantage of the many resources this university has to offer. Tuition: $580 per credit hour. The School of Clinical Sciences at Northern Michigan University offers various graduate and undergraduate degree programs for students looking to advance their careers in hospitals and clinical laboratories. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities The University of Southern Mississippi offers a medical laboratory science degree completion program that can be taken completely online by students currently employed in the field. Students can choose from among three specialty areas during the professional phase of the program. This 16-month program allows you to complete your B.S. Medical laboratory scientists do save lives. Tuition: $278-$1,008 per credit hour. The programs cover all the major areas of medical laboratory science and should prepare students to take and pass their board certification exams. The WSU Medical Laboratory Sciences online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Medical Laboratory Technician and Bachelor of Science (BS) Medical Laboratory Scientist degree programs focus on these high standards. Intro to Psychology, *Chemistry I/Laboratory The following is a list of colleges and universities whose medical laboratory science programs have been accredited by the NAACLS and are available at least 80% online. Accreditations: AACSB, ACS, CAAHEP, CCNE, CSWE, HLC, NAACLS, NAIT, NASM, TEAC Accreditations: CAHME, CCNE, CEPH, HLC, JRCERT, JRCNMT, NAACLS This is the traditional track for students seeking a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biotechnology, Cytotechnology and Cell Sciences, or Medical Laboratory Science. CCMLS is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science . Degrees: Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology It is one of the largest schools in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Winston-Salem State University offers a distance learning bachelor’s degree program for certified medical laboratory technicians. Tuition: $324-$407 per credit hour. Their histotechnology certificate program is delivered in affiliation with the University of North Dakota, which provides the online course content, while the lab work is completed at the MUSC campus. Tuition: $147 per credit hour. Accreditations: ACOTE, CAAHEP, CCNE, HLC, JRCERT, JRCNMT, NAACLS Accreditations: ACEN, ACBSP, ACFEF, AOTA, CAAHEP, CAHIIM, CAPTE, CODA, JRCCTV, NAACLS, SACSCOC *Chemistry II/Laboratory Online RN Programs: How to Become a Nurse Online. Psychology Elective Accreditations: AACSB, ACEN, CACREP, CCNE, NAACLS, NCATE, SACSCOC Since a degree in Medical Laboratory Science indicates mastery, not only of knowledge, but also of technical skills, and since these skills are to be applied in clinical situations, all MLS students are expected to meet certain criteria for admission to and progress in the professional program. The accelerated option is for students who have completed a minimum of 90 credits towards a bachelor’s degree or have completed a bachelor’s program. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences Psychology Elective Accreditations: AACSB, ABET, ACEN, ACS, CAAHEP, CAATE, CAHIIM, CAHME, CIDA, CoARC, CODA, CSWE, NAACLS, NAEYC, NASAD, NASM, NATEF, NWCCU, TEAC Finding out whether a degree program is NAACLS accredited should be one of the first things a student finds out, when researching medical laboratory science programs to apply for.
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