To use all objects as boundaries, press Enter at the first Select Objects prompt. Lines are of them. (Note: in AutoCAD 2012 select a line and then hover over and endpoint grip and you will see the option for LENGTHEN. Now it asks for object you want to extend,after I clicked on the left line it extended to the right line.Just be careful for the line you are extending to,it needs to be on the path of the line you want to extend,otherwise it wont work. In this tutorial we will use the extend symbol from the modify tool bar. Extending a line to an intersection with another line. To extend objects, first select the boundaries. Select the line you want to … Step 3: Now I activated the trim command,it asks for objects again,I selected the left one. Hit Enter. AC23 • WIN 10 • Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz• 32G RAM• NVidia GForce GTX 1080. It is used to remove extra lines or extra parts of an object. To extend objects, first select the boundaries. They’re the yin and yang, the Laurel and Hardy, the Jack Sprat and his wife of the AutoCAD editing world. LENGTHEN or LEN or on the ribbon: Home Tab > Modify Panel > Lengthen button (in the drop-down) as seen below. select the line that the extended line will connect to, in this instance its the vertical line/ press enter, then select the left … Add to Collection While the AutoCAD Extend command works with feature lines, they cannot be edited with AutoCAD Break or Trim commands because feature lines are too complex. Never having used autocad, I don't know what Extend to does. Anythign close in Archicad? It is called Adjust and it does the equivalente of "extend" at a 100% and most of the functions of trim to, though sometimes it is easier to use Split. Without using a construction line from the corner to trim the line, using the "edge extend" method will result in a trim point where the lines would intersect, not at a point perpendicular from the corner. To extend or prolong the command line using Extend in AutoCAD EXTEND the command runs with the toolbar or from the MODIFY menu, text = Modify> Extend, or the command line prompt, type the command. Here is an example where the trimming comes well in handy in AutoCAD. Member. Extend two line to meet anywhere in space, How to do in Autocad. DY to star the “dynamic” function of the lengthen … Select the line feature to be modified and click the feature to which the line feature is to be extended or trimmed. If you do the above command or push the button, you have two options 1) “Select objects” or 2) hit enter one more time to “