this._addItem = addItems; var productId = obj.getAttribute('data-product') || obj.getAttribute('data-product-id'); }); function getUrlParameter(name) { Our power supply doesn’t give the wattage. When connecting many LED strip lights to one power supply, it is crucial to use a rated power supply for MORE watts than your strip lights setup require. RGBW strips have five pins so make sure you buy strip connectors with five pins. } Generally, I dont have any best recommendation for it, but I would definitely aim for strips that are weather resistant and before you buy any think about where they will be placed and how you install them. 98 It’s always a good idea to draw out and plan your lighting project before you purchase anything. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); // Registration events end } If you want consistent lighting, then a series connection is best. Hi, I am Eugen. search_string: getUrlParameter('search_query') } Now, I want to share my knowledge and experience about lighting with you on LED Lighting Info. If you’ve connected multiple strips, then it shouldn’t be an issue. Alternatively, you can use it to connect to the RGB controller and then to the power source if you want to remotely control the setup. I decided to keep it as designed and hung ‘em in tandem on opposing corners leading toward each opposite corner. Each Solderless Connector has two sides.