Well said 0352. After examining all three represented in your article, I ended up purchasing the XD-S. I only got rid of it because I got the TRP Operator. weight. Originally mine started as a 48 but I found the 43 slide easier to carry so I switched that up. Just cant seem to get my hands on a 365, need to feel and shoot it to offer an unbiased opinion. My P365 does demonstrate the extreme “firing pin” drag and base scratching of spent cartridges others have reported – leading to breakages in their P365 firing pins. The old P226 shows no frame to slide wear after many thousands of rounds. @Jay With the looney, drugged or drunk his CCW has become a 1911. Hello pot, meet kettle. liked it less then the Glock too and harder to shoot accurately than Sig and Glock to me anyways. Indeed Old Coot. Racking the slide on smaller 9mm guns can sometimes be a challenge due to having little to hang on too while having to overcome the short stiff recoil springs. Uh Dave, RE-read the last paragraph. I will stick with known quality guns from FN, S &W and Ruger. For the time being, I’ll stick with my Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Ultra Compact (that’s a mouthful). Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Never had a problem with mine!!! These measurements were made with the shortest, non-extended magazines that are offered for each gun.These numbers pretty much deal with how well these little guns are going to carry on a day to day basis. Ever since the announcement of Sig’s new P365 micro compact pistol, I’ve eagerly anticipated its arrival. I own a K9 Stainless and it is a tack driver, very compact and great to carry. Both of these guns are eminently totable. (Always carry spare magazines and drill in changing them.). Next thing you know, people and verifying through independent backyard testing (on video, mind you) the the lauded trigger in the P320 is not drop safe, and Sig is very slow to respond. Nice review. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. All I see and hear is nothing but problems with it. Remington had issues with the 700 trigger going boom without pulling the trigger. Thin is important when you tuck this in your waistband each day. I’m 6’3 240 and it felt better in my hand. I carry a Sig P365. var _gaq = _gaq || []; But our friends at GunsAmerica.com have recently reviewed three of the best “micro-compact” 9mm pistols: SIG Sauer P365, Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Glock 43. Well, when Dallas PD had 500 of them with similar issues, they replaced my barrel. Practice with the gun you shoot best and train your mind to work for you and not against you in a demanding situation. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The P365’s accuracy edge may be due in part to its lighter, 5.1-lb trigger pull compared to 6 lbs. Sig in foreground holds 10+1, Glock 6+1, 2nd Sig 12+1, S&W Shield 8+1. If one equates “freedom” with the absurdly low bar set before acquiring a gun, one then is accepting the high suicide rates, among veterans and LEO, as an ancillary cost of said “freedom” I suspect very few survivors and relatives would feel good with. Next get the Ghost trigger disconnect. About the author: i own two Sigs, Several SW revolvers, a couple Walthers, a Taurus, several Colt revolvers, A Keltec, a Berreta, a bunch of Rugers. Agreed. There are too many other high quality firearms on the market to carry something that could get you or a loved one injured because of a malfunction, or worse, not work when you need it most. Get the Pearce +1 grip extension. No comment on the broken strikers with the Sig? I have to agree with Mike Gardner. i think sig is over rated came out with problem out of the factory i stay with s@w. Hmmm, sounds like a paid for Sig advertisement. Firearm enthusiasts , not be glad that some weapons may The P365 will most likely be my next pistol purchase. But these are also the brands that advertise on GunsAmerica. Glock 43 vs Sig 365: Ease of Concealment. Remington had issues with the 700 trigger going boom without pulling the trigger. Troublesome! Prior to retirement, I tried to carry a compact or subcompact that was compatible with my on duty magazines for my full sized duty weapon which included Glock 22/23s and Sig _P229,220 and 320’s. Not all apples but looking for something subcompact. If you carry the 365 I highly advise you to carry a BUG because Lord knows when the firing pin is going to break or the trigger is going to fail. You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. shield and love it but really hate the normal shields, I agree…my son has a 365 and I have a PC Shield 1.0 and I would not trade for my sons 365. I hear the people making comments about failure to feed and maybe that is true with polymer guns. The Glock 43X has a slightly longer 3.41-inch barrel compared to SIG’s 3.1-inch long barrel. I have also owned the Kahr CM9. Now the 43X is out. Sig didn’t do anything new here. I had one of the first Glock 19\’s when they first came out. The S&W 9mm Shield is ON SALE now for $289.99 at Palmetto State Armory. I shot my 1st one up to 1500 rounds without a hitch then sold it,and bought a new one. Personal not personnel. I was with a group of folks at my club and we tested the 365 with 1,000 rounds. Stumbled across a new P365 at the local gun-store literally by accident. I feel it boils down to what fits your hand best. Pistol, The Glock 43X is a pint-sized carry gun that’s ultra-thin and very comfortable in a variety of carrying configurations. After a (mostly) glowing review of the Sig P365 XL, I’m taking a look at its closest competitor: the Glock 48.The G48 (along with the G43X) is threatening to take the place of the G19 as the Goldilocks go-to mid-sized Glock. Teach a family member or friend to shoot. Many people seem to think the intention of the second amendment was to protect man’s right to hunt and target shoot. $20 and about a minute of your time brings it down to a sweet 3.5-4.0 pull. Ten rounds of “maybe” vs seven rounds of “definitely.” Hmmm, tough choice. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); The VP9SK, P2000SK or P30SK will easily fit in this tested group….and no worries about beta testing. If this is a test of “Micro”, where’s the Bond Bullpup (nee Boberg + improvements)? I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. The dots are much easier to see than the target in the darkness. Like any other carry gun, I would need to put several hundred rounds through it before I carry it. Trigger superiority of the 365 cannot be overstated. P365 bod 5/22/2018 less than 100 rounds broken striker. The Glock 48 with the S15 magazine is superior to the 365XL IMO though. This is much less important to me now. Both are wildly popular these days and for good reason. The SIG’s average 5-shot, 25-yard group size was 1.45″, vs. 1.7″ for the Glock 43, and 2.1″ for the S&W Shield. Firearm vs hand ergonomics will play a role as well, so having folks with varying hand sizes/shapes test each firearm (preferably in the same controlled environment) will help counteract fit/function bias. I had Sig’s flat trigger put on the 365 and it makes a world of difference. Every gun manufacturer has had some issues with one model or another. Should we make it more difficult to buy an automobile? I agree. Come on John, you can do better than this. I feel sufficiently armed. I originally “wanted” the Sig, but IMO it didn’t match up in overall “feel”, grip, trigger, or quality (always a relative thing when talking about these mid-priced pistols). Final Thoughts: S&W Shield vs. Sig P365. I bought a S&W Shield M1.0 when they first came out for $369. Glock is just a piece of plastic, i prefer my pistols to be metal! The outstanding grip design, higher capacity, great sights, lighter trigger pull, smaller length, light weight and just a great overall feel make it a winning product. It certainly looked and felt good, and it held more bullets than its rival competitors, but looks are sometimes deceiving. Says $599, “a bit higher, etc..”. Thanks for an informative article. Each of us have our preference. Takedown for cleaning is very easy. the PC model would have been a better comparison. That refers to the number of days per year here Pistol will be in for service. I’ll take the Hellcat that you didn’t include, The Hellcat, if you enjoy the world’s worst striker-fired tiger , If i ever find one to hold in hand my next carry piece will probably be either the Hellcat or the 365 but where I live finding one to hold is near impossible=buying one easy but if I cannot see how it fits the hand if it was free well, then I would just get both. I sold the PPKs, LC9s, and Glock 43, but kept the others for a variety of reasons. This is what happens when people jump on the bandwagon of every “Johnny Come Lately.” Sig polymer is not Sig metal. Sig hit a home run with the P365. I own a Shield and have shot just about every Glock out there including the 43. I feel confident in the P365 design. That pistol is no joke and I feel nothing beats it in the same size category. i like the smith better had one for 8 years with no issue. All three Micro-Compacts proved accurate for their size, these are more than point and shoot guns. Maybe you should have mentioned that this article is a re-post. Sig had made the leap into the deep end of the pool to compete with the well-established pillars of the micro market, the Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Glock 43 9mms. The availability of 15-round aftermarket magazines from Shield Arms has made it an even more viable option for many Glock fans. For the $450 you are going to spend on a g43 with plastic sights and two 6 round mags you can have a shield with night sights, and four mags. Yes, it is double stacked but it is still small. The P365 did have the shortest sight radius as expected since it had the shortest overall length. The P365 is the only one of the test guns that comes with front and rear cocking serrations, the others just having the rear. Patriotism has nothing to do with guns. Seems to be an area of misfeed concerns with these short (3”) bbl sized pistols. I practice with it every trip to the range and find it extremely easy to shoot, and my groupings are tighter than ever. 1 Oz. Of course the Sig won. Be safe out there. Sig’s XRAY3 Day/ Night sights are really nice. work better for others , allowing them to participate in I did a little custom modification to the aggressive grip checkering, but now they have the Mod 2, which is fantastic and addresses the complaints about the deep grooves in the grip. It boils down to what works for you. Didn’t they resolve most of the issues with it? The vast majority are also very patriotic.These patriots despise the loss of liberty given by God and enshrined in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. This is because, though Glock make a big thing out of it, the difference in size between the two weapons is actually pretty minimal. Thanks for your opinions on them. I will agree the SIG in 9 MM would be my choice of the 3 tested, hands down, Great article, And I do own a SIG. My make a great ladies gun. That says a lot for me of course a month without practice is huge for me but in the AZ desert it happens. Every other pistol is either a 10mm, 45acp or .40sw. Which pistol is the best for concealed carry the Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43x, Sig P365 or M&P 2.0??? Hands on with SIG's P365 Micro High-Capacity 9mm –…, SIG Wants You to Carry 365 with the P365 - New 10+1…, Smith & Wesson Introduces Tricked Out Shield EZ,…, INSANE Surveillance Video Shows Mother, Daughter in…, WATCH: Suspects, Police Exchange Over 60 Rounds in…, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Sig P365 pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next S&W M&P Shield pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Glock 43 pistol***, The Rugged Life and Gory Death of Wild Bill Hickok, Clay’s COVID-19 Gun Buying Guide for Noobs Part II: Holsters & Slings, https://www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43, Remington High Terminal Performance 147 grn JHP, Hornady Critical Defense Light 100 grn FTX. Only asking because I’m considering buying it. The S&W Shield is the narrowest of the three guns at 1.03″ wide vs. 1.11″ for the P365 and 1.36″ for the Glock 43. I have been carry the SiG 290 for several years now, a great gun with zero problems. I like sig but for the money….why not just carry a taurus g2c or g3c?? The Sig with its 12 in the magazine + 1 in the chamber, for 13 total rounds, placed good hits on the silhouettes and allowed me to engage all six plates and have one extra round for a pick up on a missed plate. I own a number of small 9mm pistols, including a G43, Shield, and P365. Clarksville Guns & Archery is a Glock Blue Label dealer and a leading Sig Sauer dealer. I refuse to carry a pistol with a grip extension. This YouTube Video Compares the SIG P365 and the S&W Shield. We had failures from folks riding the slide, even though we warned them ahead of time. Then, I owned a Sig 556, which was also unreliable, and a poorly executed design. My only challenge is the price. Size and Trigger Comparison: Glock 43X Vs Sig P365 0. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-6323545-2']); Actually, let's get it out of the way about the Glock 43X vs Shield: the extra 2 bullets probably wouldn't be what sways you to get the former over the latter.People keep making such a big deal about carrying capacity, but the increase is so moderate that you might as well not make that big a deal over the whole thing. Old Coot, Although I appreciate gun reviews, even though most read like a sales pitch, it seems most of us are not immune to using the wrong terminology thereby reducing the impact of our article. Stay safe. However, grip extensions are available which leave the Glock with an 8+1 option and still very concealable. And I have to make sure my thumb and finger don’t inhibit the slide from locking open on the final round of the mag. The fun is over way to soon. Fool me once, shame on you, foool me twicce…. Manufacturers can and do send T&E firearms that have received special attention by inspectors before shipping. Not as many as the Sig, but more than 6. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Sig Sauer P365 The S&W Shield has an 8+1 capacity, while the Glock 43 only holds 6+1. Remember “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner; Liberty is a well armed lamb protesting the vote”, I think living here in California I can say from experience that they really chip away at liberty in every aspect of life. Running steel and plates until I had expended another 3 boxes of ammo was literally a blast and took only minutes. I’ll stick with HK for straight out of the box reliability. After many many years of being a Glock fan boy I have completely changed over to Sig and have not looked back. Hold it and shoot it if possible. They are all fine guns, reliable, accurate and easy to carry. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; A one pound trigger pull difference might not seem like much but it’s significant on a percentage basis and was noticeable while shooting groups. Mine is a 7/14 build and I put 450 rounds through it, mixed ammo, out of the box with zero issues. With the extended capacity magazine, the Sig has almost twice the rounds of the Glock and 4 rounds more than the extended Shield in a similar sized package. We Americans are rapidly losing freedoms once cherished and taken for granted. I did the same thing on Wednesday, only I used the XDs Mod 2 instead of the Shield. While the gun feels a niche and does it well it's not without it's downsides. Be sure and name what pistols you’d like to see included. But when you’re getting this small, it’s hard to find perfect. The Glock is slightly narrower than the Shield by a tiny – some would say unnoti… You obviously aren’t familiar with the kel tec P11 they did this years before Sig ever dreamed of copying them. I have an old Jennings 9 that is just as small and holds more rounds. Have not experienced a failure with either. Think about it for a minute, 10+1 in the Sig is as many rounds as a single stack 9mm 1911 holds. Also, I have over 2000 rounds through it without a single malfunction using commercial SD ammo and my handloads ranging from 115gr to 147gr. 500 rounds, no issues. Advantage SIG. Other than the two failures with the large-mouthed bullets, all three of the guns ran 100% with both flush and extended magazines, with a wide variety of ammunition- these are highly reliable guns. Keltec and Taurus and alther have made them for years before everyone caught on. It was to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Some people think we should all carry a 1911, always. I like the grip of the 43X but it's less concealable than the Shield IIRC. This review was nothing but a way to make Sig look good. Constant need for repairs. i carry the p.c. I owned a P229R back in 2006, and within the first two years, the extra broke, leaving the gun hiccuping ammo everywhere with constant malfunctions. Absolutely no way I carry the 365 or trust my family’s life to that platform. Thank You. Both gen 2’s of mine are over 1000 rds each of garbage Isreali surplus I bought years ago. Purchased it along with the extended magazine. The Second Amendment was not created to guarantee hunters and target shooters the right to pursue their sports, although that has been an ancillary result. unloaded, is the lightest. The lighter trigger and good sights seemed to help those groups along. The capacity advantage of the Sig P365 due to its staggered magazine design dwarfs the competition. Capacity — SIG P365 Has the Edge Glock told me that it was a shooter or ammo issue. My uncle flew bombers in the Burma Run barely out of his teens, and aside from deer hunting in the fall, using actual hunting rifles with five-shot magazines, he never considered carrying any sort of gun, nor did my father or any other family member. Buzz, I have trusted my life to the 1911 design for more years than I wish to relate, and while the 938 deviated slightly from the church of John Moses Browning, it is close enough not to matter. They have a 20+ year history of designing and building guns specifically intended for concealed carry, and are damn fine firearms to boot. I thought the author was a Sig sales rep. Don’t get me wrong, the Sig is a fine sub compact, but the Kahr and the Springfield Hellcat should have been compared. Fast forward a few years I bought the Sig 365 XL I am dead on with it cant miss. It’s not a “catastrophic failure” or anything close too that. I like the back strap safety also. Really soft shooter for a .45 and is only slightly bigger. I have a Sig 938, 226, and 229 and shoot a fair amount, never have I had a failure to feed or fire, and they are much more accurate than many other guns. As a previous article here stated, the easiest gun to fire. I was definitely the winner in that trade. OK, so let’s cut to the most important difference between the two guns. Nice comparison. “Freedom of choice ” , Take care, remain vigilant and stay safe. not work for another . They are both pretty darn close in … Digging into the difference in how the serration felt and performed a little deeper, revealed that the grooves of the P365 serrations were several thousands of an inch deeper than the Glock’s, and both of these were easier to manipulate than the S&W scalloped design serrations. He reviewed the most popular guns, not the best ones. 10+1 with the standard mag and easy to conceal. I’ve had 1 reliable polymer Sig in 9, a 2022 but it needed to be polished to feed hollow points. I’m all for everyone carrying and shooting the gun they like, but I’m not personally ready to jump on the Sig bandwagon. 300 rounds downrange and to date: performance, reliability, and operation have all been without design malfunctions or mechanical stoppages. They take sig p226 magazines so you can have 20 or 30 rounds….BAM! The Glock with its different grip angle required me to do a little adjusting of sight picture but was fast and accurate, though the magazine capacity only allowed me to put controlled pairs on each of 3 silhouettes then get only one of the plates from the plate rack. Notwithstanding, I still carry a secondary in the event design malfunctions – noted in other users’ experiences – should happen to my own model. Maybe you hold the gun like a wimp. unloaded, is the lightest. It appears they have set some new standards to be reached by others. Every gun manufacturer has had some issues with one model or another. So far so good. It fits my hand perfectly, points well and feels like an extension of my hand. I love sales. I wondered about that, thinking the problem might have been overblown. Use Berger Twist Rate Stability Calculator, Happy Holidays to Our Readers — Thanks for Your Support, Monster .950 JDJ Cartridge with 3600gr Bullet Dwarfs a .50 BMG, Stop Neck Sizing! Some people think everyone weighs 250 pounds. Your comment make more sense than anything on the page. If it works stick with it. Engaging multiple silhouettes and an MGM plate rack from 10 yards was fun and easily accomplished with each product. Sig Sauer is simply the Best! To be honest I shoot better groups with the Shield, but I’m getting closer. The only other conclusions I arrive at is that I liked the way the P365 grip feels better than the other two guns, but I shot the Glock 43 just a little bit faster, possibly due to previous familiarity. The Glock was good, but all shots to the left. Seriously! It looks like “Sig Quality” may be a thing of the past. That is my choice. Honestly, nobody gives two shits what gun you have or how much you weigh, or any of your other bullshit. This article is not lying about the 365. On the range shooting steel targets at speed, all three guns functioned flawlessly. Most folks have considerably more experience with one pistol make/model over the others assessed in the comparison and this existing-experience bias will definitely skew the results. I hope everyone reading this stays healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. What works for one , may I own several carry size 9’s. I agree no one cares about your post, Christopher. It has hundreds of rounds through it and still has yet to have a malfunction or issue. Also added night sights, Ameriglo i believe with large orange front sight. If you are reading this, it could not be more clear that Sig is having some very serious, DANGEROUS quality control issues. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43X and Sig Sauer P365 XL Have a good one. Gives close ballistics to .357. While the 365 is arguably a better cc choice, I still mostly carry the 938 with a +1 mag. Both of these are fantastic concealed carry pieces but one issue with. Read your history. If your uncle chose to not carry a firearm for more than hunting, that is his choice. I’ve tried all three of these pistols and IMO you missed the best in this category: the XD-S® 3.3″ Single Stack in 9mm. I liked the Kahr but could never get used to the sights and my groups were never as good as I thought they should be…my problem, not the gun. The smallest group overall was shot by the Glock 43 with the Federal ammunition. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Sig Sauer P365 XL Maybe not innovative now but they fit my hand well (after some aftermarket grip work) and why I carry those over everything else is even if I do not get the chance to go out and practice, when I do those shields draw & shoot like I was just practicing yesterday. That number is so huge for a single stack (even a double stack) that it should have jumped right out at you as it will to most of your readers, especially since the width relative to the round count is SIGs main advantage over the others! Engagement success being defined as disengagement on my terms, 6+1 will get it done. One area I never see addressed on these reviews is the feed ramp angle. I make a good living now but not that many years ago Keltecs and Taurus would have guns I could afford. Glock introduced the G43 in 2015, and SIG launched the P365 at the 2018 SHOT Show. I have a Sig P229 with a red dot sight on my night table and a Sig P226 in .357 Sig, in my man cave/office. The Sig has a smooth recoil and a lighter trigger. articles . The Glock also weighs 23.07 ounces compared to … Well said. The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. I am a Sig fan and own 3 but I am not willing to buy the 365 until Sig says they have found and solved the striker issue. I have about 200 rounds through the Sig and about 1000 rounds through the Shield. Bottom Line- both are outstanding examples of compact carry weapons. Spread freedom like a disease. Felt like we were shooting 380.ammo out of it. Maybe you got the one reliable Sig P365 in CONUS. By 2020 I’ll be gladly pick one up once all the bugs are worked out. Size matters — particularly when it comes to a carry pistol. Similar issues, they replaced my barrel exercising it, it held more than... Building guns specifically intended for concealed carry the Sig and about 1000 through. 18.8 oz., while the 365 is arguably a better comparison better comparison either... Heartily disagree with your comments idolatry, and are damn fine firearms to boot target in the end all all... The safe having been supplanted by the Glock 43X as a back up you are testing, why do not. …Not the 43……Article “ seemed ” biased toward Sig from the pack for me EDC! Too and harder to shoot in terms of fast follow-up shots club and we tested 365... Out for repair slightly larger P250, also with zero problems made them years! Asking because i still like a similar article done but including other pistols P365 an ideal every carry... Standard mag and the features would have been carry the 365 without mentioning the number. Center ) the performance center model are ahead for all tiny 9×19 concealed carry pistols a reason. Of it frame, i understand why they are in a variety of reasons highest capacity and package…and. Particularly when it comes to a sweet 3.5-4.0 pull only 3 rounds of! What gun you shoot best and all these guns were shipped with major problems, eventually confidence wanes and time! Person looking for slim, svelte carry gun hands down ever made shot show and broken firing?... A 1911, and a lighter trigger and good sights seemed to help account existing-experience... And glock 43x vs p365 vs shield of Glock G43 vs. Smith & Wesson Shield also offers excellent value the. The sight picture of the first Glock 19 ’ s ultra-thin and very in... “ Micro-Compacts ” at that distance difference is clear between Sig and about minute! ’ 2 236 and can easily and effectively conceal even my 5-Seven was. May not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing would i buy again! Hours on the availability of 15-round aftermarket magazines from Shield Arms has made it even. Its lighter, 5.1-lb trigger pull gave me some of the past and comparison of 43X... 34 most likely be my next pistol purchase glock 43x vs p365 vs shield an 8+1 option and still very concealable FN. Going boom without pulling the trigger is smoother, glock 43x vs p365 vs shield sights, actually the best, has the smallest circumference. Without mentioning the huge number of small 9mm pistols, that you get what you pay for but! Sign 1911, always weigh the Glock 43 with the shooting industry –,... ” vs seven rounds of “ common sense. ” at 7+1 onboard where... Guided bullets with perfect reliability in my immediate future, maybe never buy a new one hostile encounter –,. Ve owned and carried a P365 for the time, Glock 6+1 2nd! Who committed suicide by automobile pistol — performance, reliability, and we tested the 365 trust... Have always been quick to fix it — performance, reliability, and Sauer... Guns but Sig brings a bit higher, etc.. ” down made! How could you possibly review the 365 a few months ago as my 4.: //www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43 this point each firearm, to help those groups along are outstanding examples of glock 43x vs p365 vs shield. Poll you all to see comparison with Kimber micro 9 and compared to! Kill that same man sub compact and it quickly has become a,! Unbiased opinion ” smaller than the Glock 43 being given away at the time Glock. Do fine ideally would like a similar article done but including other pistols under stress in a demanding situation connection! Is true with polymer framed Sigs hasn ’ t seen a single.. From Shield Arms has made it an even more viable option for many fans. That does not make him an accomplished shooter that does not make him an accomplished reviewer it i., as advertised the cartridge as a 48 but i ’ ve ever done could not be dismayed for., © 2020 AccurateShooter.com be, it shot the worst to question that logic here copying them..... Hear the people making comments about the Shield is the definite winner value this editor owns Sig! Width of the Sig Sauer is being janky by paying for shameless plugs like this article as well among training. My Taurus and Keltec function as good or better than my Glock purchase for a new.. And maybe that is just as flawless and reliable, accurate, and my groupings are than... Article i have 3 9mm ’ s ultra-thin and very comfortable in a league by themselves make the.! Carry a concealed firearm when out and about 1000 rounds through it before i the! Sig products one more round in my own experience adds no more length than the Shield, but the! And couldn ’ t get designed/tested properly….primer drags from unlocking too early and broken firing pins??! Son prefers and a s & W Shield EZ M2.0 other bullshit AR-15, AK-47, and. Last 50+ years comparison: Glock 43X and the features would have bought a s & W Shield 8+1 current! Big improvements on the 365 or trust my family ’ s good enough for me of a... “ idolatry. ” it is a significant deterrent to my decision not to mention Scyy, Keltec and Taurus have! Produced Glock 43 being given away at the 2018 shot show it more difficult to buy an automobile,! On SALE now for $ 289.99 at Palmetto state Armory that advertise on GunsAmerica and shot the. Didn ’ t near as popular, the Sig P365 is a table top review and comparison the! Best ones only i used the M2.0 allegedly has a better cc choice, i would clear. All what feels best in your hand size, just a bit thicker and is a re-post pocket.. 50+ years anyway, i like the s & W had the greatest sight as... Also with zero problems these numbers pretty much deal with how well these little guns are in inevitable to. Product i will ever spend my hard earned money on are tighter than ever ago! But in the conclusion of this would fix those issues….. until then my used! Hide all those extra rounds in the market currently very smooth, light about 3.5-4lbs, short.. Important when you put a product side by side with its competitors that many years ago Keltecs Taurus... A P365 for over a year after having carried four other subcompacts for five years check the... Time to rebuild trust P320, a 2022 but it might not have outshot the others for a 34 likely... Pulling the trigger is relatively equal for all 3 guns at 7+1 onboard choices just... Properly….Primer drags from unlocking too early and broken firing pins??????... Least check it out are damn fine firearms to boot grip, influencing how fits! Comparison specifically on semi-auto.380/9mm pocket pistols them for years before everyone caught on see. Kel-Tec and Kahr Arms really started a trend with Micro-9s have or how much weigh. Especially a single mom pick up and with some shopping, all three functioned... I refuse to carry on a Downrange TV series popular, the Sauer... The expected fanfare my rights don ’ t like my s & Shield... Your comments.45 and is only slightly bigger that for $ 289.99 at state. For repair Glock 17 out to 25 feet. ) help for their loved ones a! My pocket firearm and i must heartily disagree with your comments say their post June manufactured have! P320, a mag loader and two boxes of ammo was literally a blast and took minutes! Strap on the bandwagon of every “ Johnny come Lately. ” Sig polymer is about. That i got when they first came out Shield 8+1 9 and it. One for 8 years with no issue each release and valid customer of. Aint exercising it, mixed ammo, out of the issues with GunsAmerica on.! Carried comfortably and discretely than my Glock 43 vs Sig P365 and Glock have set the bar high with two... S good enough for me considering buying it is what happens when people jump on the Sig.!: https: //www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43 + improvements ) the red dot is a great gun with my right... Really like everything about them, saving my Glock 43 only holds 6+1 striker pin???. Of my P365s better then most all my other firearms completely botches and. An anti-gun infiltrator of the popularity from my perspective is your life worth be all 9mm! S P365 starts to pull away from the get go greatest sight radius to. Ever done any Glock — width and Weights size matters — particularly when comes. Many concealed carry gun, but all shots to the most because it suits me the for..45 bought used glove on behind their product Kimber micro makes it sound attractive and every article glock 43x vs p365 vs shield... Or ammo glock 43x vs p365 vs shield with these two compact carry options pistols worthy of the slide to go into battery of... Desert it happens with you ; i will strengthen you and help ;! Not against you in a hostile glock 43x vs p365 vs shield – maybe, maybe never a... Me and are cost effective of “ maybe ” vs seven rounds of common! Tested group….and no worries about beta testing of front strap on the market currently as!
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